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Pet Sitting ServiceS

Service area: Hubert/Swansboro/Cape Carteret/Emerald Isle.

Cute Puppy

puppy care

Puppies require frequent human interaction in order to develop into well adjusted adult dogs.  To help achieve this goal, our puppy care service provides complete supplemental care for your puppy.  Service includes feeding, providing fresh water, socializing/playtime, and visit reports.  We also provide minimal cleanup as required. Typical visit 30 minutes.

Licking Cat

Cat Care

Our cat sitting service provides complete care for your cat when you are away. Service includes feeding, giving fresh water, providing play time, administering dietary supplements, giving plenty of love and visit updates. We also provide maintenance of the litter box. Typical visit 30 minutes for 1-3 cats.

Fish Bowl

Small Animal Care

Our small animal care service provides care for birds, fish, small lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbils. Other small pets will be considered upon inquiry. Services include feeding, providing fresh water and text message updates.

Two dogs

dog sitting - dog walking

Our dog sitting service provides personalized complete care for your dog when needed. Service includes feeding, providing fresh water, going on walks, dietary supplements and visit reports.  Three visits required for vacation type days (AM, mid day, and PM).  Typical visit 30 minutes for one or two pets (does not include puppies). 


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